OLOP Church Bulletin – Weekend of 2/18/23-2/19/23 & Church Move Update Information

Dear Parishioners of OLOP:

Attached you will find this week’s Bulletin 2-19-23 OLOP. Although I have included the announcement of the purchase of Our Lady of Fatima, I am also informing you in the body of this email that a closing date has been set for the purchase of Our Lady of Fatima. Our closing date will be on the Feast of Saint John Maron, March 2, 2023. We will continue to celebrate Liturgies at our present location until all the work has been completed at the new facility. It is anticipated that the work will take between 2-3 months to complete which would take us to June of 2023.

We are waiting for the final construction estimates to send to the Eparchy. Once a construction company is agreed upon, we will begin the necessary renovations to the church and rectory. Our Capital Campaign is still in progress.

There will be more details coming in the near future which will be relayed to you. When any new developments are received, they will be directed to you immediately. We continue to pray for a seamless and smooth transition, and we ask the intercession of Our Lady of Purgatory and Our Lady of Fatima to continue to lift our prayers to Almighty God that we may always give Him glory. May God bless this community during this transition and always.

In Christ,
Fr. Vincent