Bishop Stang Catholic High School Open House – Sunday 11/6/22 from 1200-200 PM EDT

Dear Parishioners of OLOP:

Bishop Stang High School will be having an Open House on Sunday, November 6, from 12:00-2:00 PM. This open house will give parents and students a glimpse of what Bishop Stang High School has to offer. There will be Student led tours, information on application, academic and athletic programs, as well as technology and financial assistance. I hope many of you will be able to attend and consider your children’s education program at this excellent institution. I have included a flyer for your convenience.

God bless,
Fr. Vincent

2022 OLOP Church Christmas Pageant and Christmas Bazaar Preparation Information

Good Morning –

As Fr. Vince announced last week, we are beginning preparations for the 2022 OLOP Christmas Pageant.

Each year the children of the Parish help us take a moment from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and pause and remember the true meaning and purpose of Christmas – celebrating the birth of Jesus. This year’s Pageant will be especially meaningful since it will be the last Pageant in the Church Building that has been our Spiritual Home for the past 68 years.

I’d like to thank you for allowing, and encouraging, your children to participate in the Pageants during the past years. I realize that there are many demands on our time as Parents, and we try to make sure that we are providing opportunities for our children to grow. Your willingness to allow your children to participate in the OLOP Christmas Pageants is a recognition on your part that in order for your children to grow in the love of Christ, it is important for them to learn to celebrate His love from an early age. The Christmas Pageants afford them an opportunity to do this with other children, and they learn the joy of celebrating communally. The Pageants also allow them to share that celebration with us – and as we all know there is something special about seeing Christmas through the eyes of our children.

In any case, I just wanted to thank you for making the choice to allow your children to participate. In doing so, you’re passing a legacy to your children, in the same way your parents passed it to you, and your grandparents passed it to your parents. This legacy is essential as we continue this Journey of Faith, and especially important as we prepare to embark on a new and exciting phase of this Journey of Faith. In the craziness of the Pageant preparations, where we are trying to make sure things get done, we don’t always have the opportunity to think about why they are getting done.

As Fr. Vince announced, the children will also be singing at the Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, November 12th. They will be singing “We Gather Together” and a Christmas Carol. We’re starting rehearsals this Saturday, October 29th at 10:00 AM at the Church. It is really important that your children be there since the Bazaar is three weeks away.

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.



November 8, 2022 8:00pm webinar on Catholic End of Life Care.

Dear Parishioners of OLOP:

You are all invited to join the Office of Family and Sanctity of Life for the Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn, along with Dr. Vivian Akel. This webinar will speak to the issues of Catholic End of Life Care and Decisions. This is a difficult topic to think about, however, a very important and informative one. Below is the Zoom Link for this talk which will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, at 8:00 PM.

In Christ,
Fr. Vincent

Dear Pastors and Monsignors,

Please join me and the new Director of the Office of Family and Sanctity of Life, Linda George for this important CATHOLIC CARE WEBINAR NOV8 to address Catholic End of Life Care and Decisions. I hope you will also share in your weekly bulletin and promote among your fellow clergy and parishioners. Thank you for always supporting my work and office.

In Christ,

Upcoming EXTN Series featuring Chorbishop Michael – Monday 10/24/22-Thursday 10/27/22 at 100 PM EDT

Dear Parishioners of OLOP:

I received this from Bishop Gregory and would like to pass this on to you. What a blessing for our Church to be a part of EWTN and to have Chorbishop MIchael Thomas present “Women of Grace”, representing the Maronite Church. The details and dates for this airing are listed below . I hope all of you will be able to take part of this series. If you are unable to watch at this time, please set your DVR to record this series. Please pass this on to family members and friends, as well as your social media.

In Christ,
Fr. Vincent

Dear Brother Priests, Deacons and Subdeacons, Consecrated Men and Women and Lay Faithful,

Please find below some good news about a four-part series with Chorbishop Michael at EWTN. Please share this on your social media.

Thank you.

+ Gregory


The Eastern Churches, and in particular, our Maronite Church will be featured in four shows on the Catholic cable channel EWTN on Women of Grace, hosted by Johnnette Williams. Chorbishop Michael is her guest for those four-half hour shows which will air Monday October 24 – Thursday October 27 at 1:00 pm.

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