OLOP Online Donation Page

Dear Parishioner,

We’d like to thank you for your continued financial support of the Parish. We are grateful that a number of parishioners have continued to mail donations or drop their weekly envelopes off at Church.

We have also received a growing number of donations from our on-line giving option: computer/laptop and mobile options,

Vanco has notified us that the mobile app will be replaced at the end of January 2022 in order to give you a better experience.

All you need to do is to delete the current Give Plus+ app on your phone and download the new Vanco Mobile from your App store. As before, when you give through Vanco Mobile, your donation is automatically transferred to the Parish’s bank account and a record of the donation is made in the Parish’s financial service software, Servant Keeper.

You will continue to have three (3) options for your charitable giving to Our Lady of Purgatory:

  1. You can continue to use the weekly envelopes; or
  2. You can set up an automatic debit or check from your bank account; or
  3. You can make an on-line donation through your computer or smartphone using Vanco Mobile.

To use the on-line option with your computer, all you need to do is visit the website (click on the link) below:

Vanco Online Donation Web Based System

To use the new mobile option with your smartphone, all you need to do is download the Vanco Mobile app from the Android store or the Apple store.

While the process is easy, you can visit their website below and they will take you through the process if you get confused.


During the last 18 months of Covid, you’ve been generous in supporting our church, this is just another way for you to assure that our Parish continues to be there for us as it has been for the last 100+ years.

In Christ,
Fr. Vincent