CYO Basketball Registration Due 11/14/22 for Those Interested

Dear Parishioners of OLOP:

I received this email today from Rachael and Leilah, who will be coaching the Girls Grade 4-6 basketball team. This team is part of the CYO in conjunction with Saint Theresa of Calcutta School in New Bedford. If you have young girls in grades 4-6 who would like to play on this league, please let Rachael or Leilah know. The information as far as fees are included in this email. I have also included their email addresses should you need to reach them.

Leilah Moses
Rachael Higgins

The season will begin the Monday after Thanksgiving, November 28. The games will be held at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel gymnasium in New Bedford.

The fees will be $60 per player which goes to CYO, $5 per player to cover parish fee, $30 for jerseys and shorts, $15 end of year gift, $10 cushion for a few spare jerseys sizes, ice packs, etc… which totals $120.00. Please write checks to Saint Theresa of Calcutta and have your child bring it to school. Please write your child’s name on the check and CYO Basketball in the memo. This is due by November 14th. If you do get kids from outside of the school, please send those checks in with your child to the school and use the same information on their checks.

Fr. Vincent Farhat