2022-2023 CCD Registration Forms Due By Sunday 8/21/22

Dear Parishioners of OLOP:

Attached you will find the registration forms for our CCD Program for 2022-2023. Please fill out the CCD Registration form 2022-2023 and return to the Church office by August 21, 2022. I hope you will register your children and, if possible, assist us with this program. If you are interested in helping, please notify Fr. Vincent or Deacon Jean.


As we enjoy the summer break with our families and friends, it is also time to prepare for the beginning of our CCD Program this Fall. We have begun to prepare a wonderful program for our children. As we begin to transition to our new home, our CCD program can now be offered in a facility that will entice this program to flourish and to offer our children the tools that will help them understand the importance of having God in their lives and to understand His great love for us.

CCD classes will revert to Sunday mornings after 10:30 AM Divine Liturgy. The Church Hall will provide all the necessary ingredients to allow the parents to gather for coffee and pastries while their children are having classes. The children will also be able to gather to enjoy other children in the parish. We will also provide snacks for the children during their class.

I am sure that I need not inform the parents of the importance of our CCD program. In this ever-changing secular world, it is the Churches’ obligation and priority to help our children understand and implement the teachings of Jesus. These teachings begin with you, and we, the Church, are here to support and guide your efforts.

I pray that all of you who have children will take advantage of this opportunity. This is a commitment on your part, but a commitment that is vital and necessary in educating our children in the faith. Please be sure to sign your children up for our program. Blessings to all of you.

Fr. Vincent Farhat
Pastor OLOP