Lebanese Center Roof Replacement

Dear Parishioner of OLOP:

I hope this note finds you well and safe. I have attached a roof appeal letter to all of you regarding the roof at the Lebanese Center. As you know, the hall is rented out to PACE, Inc. They have moved in and have made much progress in fixing the hall. As you will read in the letter, part of the lease agreement is that we are responsible for exterior issues such as the roof and gutters, as well as the boiler/heating system. Since they moved in, we have had to replace and repair the basement cast iron drains that had holes in them from years of wear and tear. This was causing the basement to flood when it rained. We also had to seal all of the gutters that were rusted and not draining the rain water out to the street. And finally, we had to replace our roof shingles that were cracked and worn out, which caused leaking inside and the ceiling to collapse. All of these issues were addressed and repaired over the past few weeks. As far as the hall is concerned, we have replaced everything that we are obligated to fix at this time. I am confident that most of the upkeep and repairing pertaining to the hall have been addressed and that our responsibilities will be very limited from this point on.

I ask you to read the attached letter and if you are able to assist in any way, to offset the costs of the new roof, it would be greatly appreciated. I am mindful that this comes at a most difficult time, but as I have said before, this community will continue to flourish and strengthen even in times of adversity and difficulties.

God bless you and your families, and God bless this community of OLOP.

In Christ,
Fr. Vincent Farhat and The Finance Council of OLOP