Addressing Sunday 8/16/20 Liturgy Zoom Hacking Incident

Dear Parishioners of OLOP:

As many of you are aware, this past Sunday during the Zoom live streaming, someone hacked into our gathering and verbalized obscenities and displayed vulgar and disgusting acts. I personally want to apologize to all of you, especially our children, for the disgraceful behavior of those who will do anything to be disruptive and spread their evil ways to others. I will use all my means and connections to see if the person responsible for this can be identified and brought to justice, including the help of the police.

I hope you know that I, as well as the committee helping me, try to take all measures to ensure this doesn’t happen. We have overcome many obstacles over the past few months and these volunteers have done an extraordinary job, but we must continue to be vigilant and one step ahead of evil. We will be meeting this week to see what other precautions we may take in order to continue to bring Jesus into your homes, especially for our elderly and compromised parishioners.

Although this is not my preferred method of offering you the Word of God, it still continues to be the best way at the present time due to the limitations placed on us by state and local authorities.

That being said, I will be sending out another email this week that will have specific instructions on how we will continue to live stream, yet at the same time, make this means more secure and safe for our community.

I ask for your understanding and help in this matter. Once the updated instructions are sent to you, I hope you will understand that these steps are being taken for our benefit. And although nothing is 100% guarded from those who wish to spread their disgraceful message, we will continue to update our actions and to protect this community from these people.

I ASK YOU TO CALL ME IF YOU HAVE ANY COMMENTS OR CONCERNS REGARDING THE EVENTS FROM SUNDAY. May God continue to bless His Churches and His faithful servants against the evil ones.

In Christ,
Fr. Vincent