Update on Public Liturgies

Dear Parishioners of OLOP:

During that past two months, we have faced many challenges in our personal and professional lives caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Thankfully, our Parishioners and their extended families have navigated the health impacts of COVID-19, with a few sad exceptions. Although the medical profession is still working on a vaccine (which has resulted in some positive preliminary results), we still do not have a vaccine or cure for COVID-19. As we continue to socially distance, Governor Baker has issued a new Executive Order that allows us to publicly gather once again as a community of faith, but in a limited fashion. As you know, I’ve been meeting with the OLOP COVID-19 Task Force since the State of Emergency was declared, and we have now produced a plan entitled “Welcoming Our Family of Faith Back Home – A Plan to Transition to Public Gatherings at our Liturgical Celebrations.” This is a very comprehensive plan that allows us to comply with all of the requirements necessary for our Church to once again allow public gatherings.

Based on this plan, I am happy to announce that beginning with the 5:00 PM Saturday Evening Liturgy on May 30, 2020, and continuing until further notice, we will be able to allow up to 75 Parishioners to gather at Liturgy.

For the short term, attendance at Liturgy will be a little different than it was before March. Our plan is designed to take every reasonable effort to help protect the health of our Parishioners while allowing our Parishioners to once again gather and receive Holy Communion.

During the coming week, we will be posting our plan on the Parish website, on our Facebook Page, and you will receive a copy by e-mail. We will also be providing important information to you on the steps you will need to follow.

While I would like to welcome everyone back on the 30th ,and continue to pray for the day when we can gather as we have in the past, based on guidelines from the Commonwealth, I must strongly encourage those Parishioners aged 65 or older, or those who have medical conditions, to not join us in person at this time. This is to protect your own health. We will include you in our Intentions at Divine Liturgy and will continue to recite the Prayer of Spiritual Communion as we continue to live stream all liturgical celebrations via Zoom.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at (508) 996-8934.

God bless you all.

In Christ,

Fr. Vincent