New opportunity for Catechists, MYO Leaders and Family Life Advocates

Dear Brother Priests, Deacons, Sub-deacons, Men & Women Religious, and Lay Faithful,

On this Easter Thursday, I extend heartfelt gratitude for all the beautiful ministry you have done these past few weeks during this most difficult time. I received so many compliments about your ministries. It was a blessing to hear. So again, thank you!

By God’s grace an eparchial team of people have been working on ways to enhance our catechists, youth leaders and family life volunteers. What you will read about below is an optional, but highly recommended, program to strengthen our competent and faithful laity to better carry out their roles in our parishes.

I am pleased to launch this eparchial initiative for our catechists and MYO youth advisors, called Franciscan at Home. It has long been a desire of mine to assist our laity in their service. Franciscan at Home is an excellent opportunity to continue to train and deepen our spiritual journey.

This is a free online program of workshop tracks through the Catechetical Institute of Franciscan University, open to all of our parish volunteers. There are over 100 dioceses already partnering with Franciscan University and benefiting from the high-quality content offered.

Catechists in our parish religious programs and our MYO youth advisors are invited to participate in these 12 one-hour workshops expertly filmed with a staff of professionals in the fields of catechists and youth ministry. Also, two of these workshops will focus on our Maronite Tradition. The content is presented to inspire, educate, train, and enhance one’s knowledge and skills in presenting the Catholic faith.

These workshops are available in the convenience of one’s own home according to one’s schedule and require some reading and writing. Please see the attached flyers for the details of these programs. I have asked the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light to assist, and they are available by phone or email to help if there are any questions.

It is my hope that as many as possible will join these programs, which will enhance one’s faith and in turn enhance the faith of the youth we serve. With parish meetings suspended for the time being, this might be a good opportunity for personal training.

Our Office for Family and Pro-life has also created an excellent website, including seminars on Natural Family Planning. I highly encourage young people, engaged couples, and married couples with families, to strengthen their love for the sacred dignity of marriage and family life. Please also see the flyers attached:

PDF of the Marriage and Family Life Flyer(1 page)
PDF of the MYO Leadership Training Flyer (3 pages)
PDF of the Catechist Training Flyer (3 pages)

Thank you for serving our youth and be assured of my prayers.

+ Gregory