Practical ways to help the poor in Lebanon

Dear Brother Priests, Deacon and Subdeacons, Consecrated Men and Women, Lay Faithful:

So many have asked me how to do something simple, practical and direct for the poor in Lebanon.

Mr. Louis Ragy, formerly of our parish in Atlanta, and also serving on the NAM board, has firsthand experience.

A small help ($100.00 to 300.00) will go a long way. Please read his email below.
Thank you.
+ Gregory


Dear Friends,
I am writing to you on behalf of Saint Vincent de Paul. We are desperate for basic necessities and food to 500 of the poorest families and elderly alone at home during these catastrophic situations.

We have exhausted all our reserves and are appealing to your immediate and urgent help and generosity. 100 percent of donations will go to buy food and necessities. The cost per family is $35 per month and includes a box of items to help feed a family of 4. All donations will be through Saint Vincent de Paul and 100 % of your donations will go to the families.

Please you can contribute through PayPal by sending donations to:
Please keep us in your prayers during these catastrophic times.

Louis Ragy
Saint Vincent de Paul
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