2021 OLOP Church Christmas Pageant Video

Good Morning –

As many of you know, there was a video company by the name of Minus Red that was videoing the 2021 Christmas Pageant for use in a video they are producing on the traditions of Christmas. As part of the arrangement they agreed to produce a short video for the Parish. Attached please find the link to the short video they produced for us.

The link to view the video is: OLOP Christmas Pageant 2021 Video

In Christ,
Fr. Vince

Weekday Liturgies and Adoration Cancelled This Week – Week of 2/14/22

Dear Parishioners of OLOP:

Yesterday, a pipe in the sacristy of the Church malfunctioned which resulted with water damage inside the Church and sacristy. The water has been extracted but the Church is now being treated with dehumidifiers and blowers. Because of this, we will postpone Adoration until next week and Wednesday and Thursday evening Liturgies will also be cancelled for this week.

I apologize for this inconvenience but hopefully we can resolve this issue by Thursday. Thank you for your understanding and may the intercession of Our Lady of Purgatory continue to bless this community.

God bless,
Fr. Vincent

MYO Gathering Postponed

Dear Parents and MYO Members:

Our gathering which was supposed to take place this Friday, February 4, will be postponed until March due to the forecast of snow and ice in our area that evening. We regret having to do this but if the forecast is correct, for your safety and well-being, Sister and I have decided it would be best to postpone for this month. Please plan to attend the March gathering. Details will be forthcoming in the near future.

God bless,
Fr. Vincent

Synodal Survey Email and Link

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Our Lady of Purgatory,

Last week the Synodal team further discussed the previously chosen 5 points and selected/developed the questions that are now available for your input.

A link to the questions is posted here: https://forms.gle/6htzeLYbcfe33Ktw9, and on the OLOP website: ourladyofpurgatory.org,

The link will bring you to a survey where you have the opportunity to add your input.

As a general rule we would like you to answer the questions in relation to the Maronite Catholic Church first and then consider how they apply specifically to our beloved OLOP.

Abouna will consolidate your answers and develop a report for the Eparchy as well as for you to read.

The survey is anonymous so please consider it a safe place for you to list your responses, ideas and opinions as they relate to the questions asked.

This is a rare opportunity for us to talk directly to the Synod of Bishops and in turn to the Pope, so please take the time to answer in thoughtful, helpful and honest ways.

The surveys will also be available in paper form at the church if you cannot access them on line.

If you know of past parishioners who are not attending anymore, please invite them to fill out the survey as well. All of OLOP’s family are welcome to participate.

We will wait until Sunday the 6th before we collect and summarize the responses. Please submit you responses by then.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Abouna or Deacon Jean.


Joe Barckett

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